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The law firm can pursue damages and compensation for injury due to enforceable insurance agreements and from the wrongdoer’s general liability insurance. The law firm can carry a case against denial of award of damages by the insurer or against reduction of awarded damages. Regardless of the type of damage, we provide professional assistance in securing your compensation. Each case is examined and handled individually. We can help reach accord with the insurer before your case requires disposal by a court; if need be, we can pursue your claim before a court of law. Our services include drafting of summons for payment, appeals from insurer’s decisions, and lodging of complaints with the Financial Ombudsman — in individual cases. Each case in this area of our business is handled thoroughly and with due professionalism.

The law firm can secure compensation under the following circumstances:

  • to parties injured in traffic accidents (drivers, passengers and pedestrians)
  • to parties injured in other fortuitous events
  • for theft or damage or destruction of property
  • for tort by the Treasury
  • for occupational accidents

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