The law firm provides end-to-end services and legal consulting for legal representation in divorce proceedings with or without verdict of spouse’s guilt, and legal representation in separations. The law firm may represent you during pre-litigation negotiations to facilitate agreement and finish your case in a single hearing.

Our services include:

  • legal advice prior to divorce
  • drafting of suits and subsequent procedural letters
  • drafting of requests to secure claims of maintenance and to secure contact with minor children for the duration of procedure
  • representation in divorce proceedings before inferior and superior courts
  • participation in mediation and negotiations
  • drafting of suits for separation and subsequent letters
  • representation in separation proceedings before inferior and superior courts
  • institution of parental authority of the parties over minor children
  • deprivation or reduction of parental authority
  • regulation of contact with children
  • determination of alimony for a child or spouse, or other family members under applicable special circumstances

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Emilia Miśkiewicz - Legal Advisor

Emilia Miśkiewicz – Legal Advisor tel. +48 509 425 779