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Situations may emerge both in business and private life which require representation in court. We have been extremely successful in representing clients in pending court disputes. Our law firm can represent clients in hearings and trials or for specific legal acts, and draft and file all types of pleadings (statements of claim, motions, complaints, objections and charges against orders for payment, appeals, and cassations). The law firm represents before courts of all levels.

Business often means exposure to unreliable partners — and this could mean default in receivables. There are debtors who fail to discharge their liabilities too often. These issues are complex, and it is critical to manage them with the help of a professional attorney. Our law firm offers complete legal assistance in debt recovery. The law firm can attempt to amicably recover the receivables of our clients if need be, we will take legal action and pursue claims by executory process.

It is also not uncommon for debtors to defend themselves from executory process. Our law firm has the experience and is willing to assist in adverse claims, which are targeted to exclude specific assets from execution (and the assets may vary from movable property to real estate or property rights) or to invalidate an enforceable title (which results in dismissal of execution). These measures could be necessary if an execution applies to an asset which belongs to a community of property or the claimed liability has already been paid.

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