Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz – Legal Advisor

Klaudyna Jarzec-KoślaczLegal Advisor

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Legal advisor registered under reference WA-9369 by the Council of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw. 13 years of professional experience. Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. A graduate of the Center for American Law program co-organized by the University of Warsaw and the University of Florida’s G. Levin College of Law.

Her professional career began in 2004 and continued in several law firms in Warsaw, including an in-house lawyer function at a joint-stock company. Her independent career began in 2013. Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz currently supports a body of government administration, but her capacities also include legal consulting for business clients and housing associations in daily legal affairs, with support for corporations in bankruptcy. Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz provides legal assistance to non-public kindergartens and nurseries. Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz provides legal support to Polish producers of cosmetics and dietary supplements, confectioners and distributors of products. Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz serves individual clients, too, aiding with general real estate law, inheritance law, and administrative law. Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz advises individual clients in proceedings for establishing an occupational disease.

The speciality of Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz is the broadly understood real estate law. During the professional work to date, Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz has dealt with real estate transactions — due diligence examination, in particular — and drafting of property purchase agreements, review of lease contracts with shopping malls, drafting of loan documents and collaterals for loan agreements, land and mortgage register proceedings, and dealings with the Register of Pledges managed by the Ministry of Justice. The prominent focus in her work with individual clients has been prescription of real estate. Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz also reviews development contracts, preliminary and promised agreements, and lease and tenancy contracts.

Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz provides legal services in English.

In her free time, she loves cycling and trips to the seaside.

Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz - radca prawny

Emilia MiśkiewiczLegal Advisor

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Legal advisor registered under reference WA-10665 by the Council of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Warsaw. 10 years of professional experience. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

Her professional career began in 2005 with the position of a clerk of court, followed by a career in a law firm and as an in-house lawyer at a joint-stock company. Her independent career began in 2015. Emilia Miśkiewicz provides legal consulting to business clients in daily legal affairs and incorporation and transformation of businesses; here, her speciality is companies and commercial law partnerships. Her scope of work for business clients includes drafting and review of corporate documentation and business records, drafting and review of contracts and agreements, legal opinions, and debt recovery in court and by execution. Emilia Miśkiewicz also provides legal assistance to housing associations. Her individual clients are provided consulting concerning general real estate law, inheritance law, and administrative law. She leads cases of divorce and severance of estate. Her focus includes representation in cases involving parent-child relationships. She represents individual and business clients in claims for damages and recompense, both in pre-litigation and before court.

The specialization of Emilia Miśkiewicz is commercial and procedural law. Emilia Miśkiewicz’s professional experience includes representation in lawsuits and before common courts, especially in cases regulated by civil law, commercial law or labour law. Her professional practice to date has involved incorporation, transformation and liquidation of business, with a special focus on commercial law companies, and due diligence examination of corporations prior to acquisition of shares.

In her free time, she enjoys skiing and volleyball

About the Law Firm

Why Us

JK&M Kancelaria Prawna Jarzec-Koślacz Miśkiewicz is a joint venture of Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz and Emilia Miśkiewicz, legal advisers. What defines our stability and strength as a law firm is the trust and mutual loyalty built over many years of friendship between the firm partners. The style of collaboration developed between the firm partners evokes a sense of security in each client and ensures that no case goes without a thorough examination. Each case and every client are approached individually and with a selection of optimal measures. We are committed to solving our clients' problems, for we understand how important it is for them to entrust us with their affairs and keep a peace of mind. We do not deal only with legal consulting; our focus is to settle each case for the best interests of our clients. What makes the quality policy of this law firm effective is our professional approach coupled with the knowledge and understanding of the law, professional experience and full dedication to our clients. Our work as professional legal advisers complies with the Code of Legal Advisers Conduct. This guarantees that each client is represented in full legal compliance, with due integrity, objectivity and care, and with the client-attorney privilege kept in full.

Comprehensive legal services

JK&M Kancelaria Prawna Jarzec-Koślacz Miśkiewicz provides end-to-end legal services for business clients. Our speciality is legal consulting and court and administrative representation of construction developers, housing associations and individual clients. Our business clients can rely on full legal support which guarantees safety and compliance of their operations. Our daily work involves cases of general real estate, civil, trade, administrative and occupational law. Individual clients can employ immediate support of our law firm in representation before courts and officials, regular legal consulting and drafting and review of legal and commercial documents.

Principles of cooperation

JK&M Kancelaria Prawna offers various cooperation models that will allow our clients to conveniently use the services offered. The law firm offers ad hoc and permanent legal services. Ad hoc legal services cover the implementation of individual orders for clients. Permanent legal service includes the provision of legal assistance in a continuous manner on individually agreed terms agreed individually with the client.

We offer our clients the following billing methods:

  • remuneration for the entire service – a predetermined amount covering the comprehensive performance of the contracted service is determined;
  • hourly remuneration – a fixed hourly rate for the provision of services is determined and the settlement is made according to the actual working time devoted to a given case;
  • monthly flat-rate remuneration – a fixed amount of monthly remuneration is determined, within which the number of hours of legal assistance is determined. After exceeding the agreed number of hours for subsequent working hours, the remuneration is calculated according to the agreed rate.

The remuneration for conducting court proceedings is most often determined on the basis of the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 22 October 2015 on fees for legal advisers.

Our Pillar – Real Estate

Real estate laws are a part of our core business. They are among most challenging issues in the Polish legal system. Their nuances and complexity lead to varying and isolated conclusions and require alternative actions in seemingly similar factual states. Each case begins with a duly diligent and thorough examination of the legal status of real estate to determine the right procedure to follow. The portfolio of cases we represent clients in includes prescription of real estate, deeds of partition, severance of estate, mortgage procedures, and eviction. We are also experienced in real estate investments and unfavourable allocation of property in zoning plans. Our law firm can prepare contracts for development, property sale (including collaterals), lease or tenancy.

Areas of practice

We also deal with the broadly understood family and inheritance law. In these cases, each client is approached with great consideration and empathy. The relationship between the family members are of paramount sensitivity. Our focus is the welfare of minors, and to that end the firm strives to secure most extensive protection. The law firm helps in settlement of non-proprietary and proprietary relations between family members and the third parties involved.

Administrative law is another speciality of the firm. Here, our services include representation before administrative courts (Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court) and administrative bodies, including authorities with jurisdiction over architecture and civil engineering (e.g. heritage conservation officers and construction supervision authorities), and ZUS (the Social Insurance Institution). The firm provides support for the government administration.

Our services include debt recovery; we can support amicable and arbitrary redemption or represent clients in court and during execution.

The law firm can pursue claims and compensation from insurers for damage and harm to natural persons and corporations. This area of business includes claims of material damage and personal damage. We assist the injured and damaged by all kinds of fortuitous events, including traffic accidents or theft, as well as in claims for construction site accidents or structural collapse.