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JK&M Kancelaria Prawna Jarzec-Koślacz Miśkiewicz provides end-to-end legal services for business clients. Our speciality is legal consulting and court and administrative representation of construction developers, housing associations and individual clients. Our business clients can rely on full legal support which guarantees safety and compliance of their operations. Our daily work involves cases of general real estate, civil, trade, administrative and occupational law. Individual clients can employ immediate support of our law firm in representation before courts and officials, regular legal consulting and drafting and review of legal and commercial documents.

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Real estate

The core business of our law firm is end-to-end services and consulting in real estate law. The law firm represents clients in court disputes, in investment processes and in proceedings related to the adverse use of real estate in local plans. The law firm prepares development contracts, real estate sale agreements, including collateral for sale agreements, lease agreements and tenancy agreements. The law firm examines the legal status of real estate and helps regulate it.

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Housing associations, housing communities and Developers

The law firm provides comprehensive legal services to housing associations, housing communities and developers. Housing communities and associations or developers may hire our law firm for specific legal acts or regular daily legal services. Housing communities and associations or developers can hire us to for representation in court, administrative or administrative court proceedings.

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Legal Advice for Businesses

The law firm provides comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs, both in legal advice and legal representation in court and administrative proceedings. The law firm provides full legal service, which guarantees the security of every enterprise. The law firm offers permanent cooperation without having to create an in-house lawyer in the company’s structure.

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Inheritance law

The law firm provides complete service and legal consulting for inheritors and bequeathers. The law firm provides legal assistance, including legal advice and representation before courts and public administration bodies. We believe that inheritance has a special nature, as it always has a family history behind each case. This requires an individual approach.

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The law firm provides end-to-end services and legal consulting for legal representation in divorce proceedings with or without verdict of spouse's guilt, and legal representation in separations. We also deal with matters regarding the division of property after the termination of statutory matrimonial property.

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Procedural law, debt recovery

The law firm represents clients in all cases at all stages of court proceedings. The law firm has extensive experience in civil and commercial proceedings. The law firm also recovers outstanding receivables. We offer support in the field of out-of-court recovery of receivables, and we also represent clients in court and enforcement proceedings.

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Cosmetic law

The regulations impose a number of obligations on cosmetics producers and distributors, as well as financial penalties for errors and shortcomings. The law firm provides extensively understood legal assistance to Polish producers of cosmetics and dietary supplements, confectioners and distributors of products.

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Administrative law

Administrative law is one of our competencies. Administrative law is the most common type of law, as it applies to daily activities of individual and business clients. Our law firm provides legal advice and representation in proceedings before units of official administration, the Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court. The law firm provides reporting of legal information and opinion concerning administrative law.

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Labour, social security law and occupational diseases

Labour law is what most people deal with daily as employers or employees. Legal advice in labour law includes regular daily consulting and representation in court. Our law firm is experienced in social security consulting and willing to provide legal assistance in this area. The law firm also advises in proceedings regarding the identification of an occupational disease.

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Damages / compensation

The law firm can pursue damages and compensation for injury due to enforceable insurance agreements and from the wrongdoer’s general liability insurance. The law firm also provides comprehensive legal assistance in the field of claim settlement and litigation arising out of concluded insurance contracts. The law firm also represents clients at the pre-trial stage.

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Protection of personal rights, image protection

The subject of the law firm’s activity is conducting matters related to the protection of human rights, in particular such as health, freedom, name, privacy and image. The law firm also provides support to business entities in the event of a violation of the company’s reputation. Legal services in this area include analysis of the legal situation of the person or entity whose good has been violated, as well as representation in court and enforcement proceedings.

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Kindergartens and nurseries

The law firm provides comprehensive legal services for non-public kindergartens and nurseries. We offer legal services in establishing, organizing and running private kindergartens and nurseries, obtaining subsidies.