SERVICES Housing associations and Developers

Our law firm provides legal services to housing associations, housing communities and developers. Housing communities and associations or developers may hire our law firm for specific legal acts or regular daily legal services. Our law firm offers surveying and opinion reports regarding housing association / community articles, regulations and draft management resolutions, as well as other documents used in the daily operations of this group of clients. The law firm can develop draft contracts and negotiate them. Housing communities and associations or developers can hire us to for representation in court, administrative or administrative court proceedings. One of our specializations is handover and evacuation of housing premises (by eviction). The law firm provides advice on tenancy relations, execution of due rent, and pursuit of compensation for non-contractual use of real estate.

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Contact persons

Klaudyna Jarzec Koślacz - Legal Advisor

Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz – Legal Advisor tel. +48 796 888 559

Emilia Miśkiewicz - Legal Advisor

Emilia Miśkiewicz – Legal Advisor tel. +48 509 425 779