SERVICES Real estate

The core business of our law firm is end-to-end services and consulting in real estate law. Each case begins with a duly diligent and thorough examination of the legal status of the real estate to determine the right procedure to follow. The law firm identify risks and advise on proper containment or elimination.

The services include:

  • due diligence analysis and regulation of the legal status of real estate
  • analysis of corporate owners or tenants of land
  • consulting and representation in sales and purchase of land and premises
  • representation in commercial negotiations for investment property and execution of property
  • establishment of collaterals and abolition of encumbrances on real estate (e.g. assignment as collateral, personal rights, easement, annuity, and mortgage)
  • legal services for project investment and construction

The law firm specialises in real estate court proceedings:

  • related to land and mortgage
  • acquisition of fixed property or land easement by prescription
  • deeds of partition
  • severance of estate
  • institution and removal of easement of necessary roads
  • institution and removal of utility easement
  • settlement of real estate expenses
  • compensation for non-contractual use of real estate
  • breach of tenure
  • handover of real estate and evacuation of premises
  • disputes arising from lease or tenancy contracts
  • disputes over betterment levies, zoning levies, or increase in perpetual usufruct fees
  • the law firm represents real estate owners in claims of damages for local zoning plan passage or amendment

The law firm can draft:

  • development contracts
  • sales agreements (preliminary and promised agreements)
  • investment contracts
  • contracts of tenancy, where tenancy of commercial units in shopping mall is our speciality, and the law firm can represent tenants or landlords
  • lease contracts
  • real estate management contracts

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Klaudyna Jarzec Koślacz - Legal Advisor

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Emilia Miśkiewicz - Legal Advisor

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