SERVICES Labour, social security law and occupational diseases

Labour law is what most people deal with daily as employers or employees. Legal advice in labour law includes regular daily consulting and representation in court. Our firm is experienced in social security consulting and willing to provide legal assistance in this area our speciality includes court appeals against rulings of ZUS (which concern disability pensions or assessment of eligible retirement benefits). The law firm also advises in proceedings regarding the identification of an occupational disease.

Our law firm usually represents clients in court proceedings to pursue claims for:

  • compensation for termination of employment with or without notice
  • reinstatement of employment
  • mobbing compensation
  • compensation for breach of non-disclosure
  • compensation for non-disclosure
  • compensation for failure to serve an employment certificate
  • overtime pay
  • severance grant on collective redundancies
  • determination of employment

The law firm provides the following daily legal advice for business clients:

  • labour dispute management
  • drafting of employee records
  • proceedings before ZUS
  • legal opinions
  • representation before courts and authorities of all levels

As part of the proceedings for the recognition of an occupational disease, the law firm helps prepare a report of suspected occupational disease, a request for re-examination by a second-level jurisdiction. The law firm represents in administrative proceedings, and then in court and administrative proceedings in the event of an appeal against the decision on the lack of grounds for finding an occupational disease.

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Contact person – employee affairs

Emilia Miśkiewicz - Legal Advisor

Emilia Miśkiewicz – Legal Advisor tel. +48 509 425 779

Contact person – social security affairs, occupational diseases

Klaudyna Jarzec Koślacz - Legal Advisor

Klaudyna Jarzec-Koślacz – Legal Advisor tel. +48 796 888 559